24 May 2011

Chair Update

Thought it was time for a little chair update.

I stripped the chair down to the frame (the grey square on the front was me testing the paint for the legs!) please also excuse the lego pile in the background :)

I sanded it, and painted the legs a dark grey/barely black colour. Still not sure which fabric I am using but I wanted the legs to be dark.



I have just finished attaching hessian and webbing to the back and webbing to the base.



As you can see the chair originally had rubber 'pirelli' webbing but it had long since perished and gone hard. I decided to just use jute webbing instead, I hope it will last longer. I have also glued and screwed a couple of joints that were still together but were becoming a bit wobbly. I am really impressed by the harness of the wood. Makes me sad that a lot of furniture these days is made form cheap pine and composite board. They wont last for the tens of years this chair has. Buy cheap buy twice, I suppose.

I am now waiting to purchase some spray adhesive so I can join some hessian to the underside of the base cushion to stop the webbing cutting into it.

This project is taking longer than I thought mainly due to the number of bits and bobs that I seem to need and I am trying to do it right and never having done anything like this before it is a huge, slow, learning curve. I am enjoying it and happy so far with my progress.

On a side note, the other week I was in town (I rarely go into the City centre) and I popped into a brand new Cath Kidston shop (just for a nosey - never bought anything) and imagine my surprise when I saw they had a re upholstered chair, exactly the same 'nursing' style chair. Their one was covered in a 'vintage' picnic blanket and they were asking £265!! This has spurred me on a bit as I am sure you can imagine :) and to think my wee chair was destined for landfil :(

Take care x

10 May 2011

New Product! New Photos!

Today I have listed a new product - Elf Doors! I have made quite a few Elf doors in the past as special orders but I have decided to start selling them as a main line now. Lots of people prefer elves to fairies. Some people have sons (like me!) and want a wee door that is less 'girlie' so the answer is a wee blue Elf door!

Of course, no elf door would be complete without an elf doormat, so I made some of them too!


05 May 2011

New Photos!

Today it is raining much rain, but that is ok because the garden needs some rain some of my plants were starting to wilt!

The other day I took my fairy doors on a wee trip to my local park and took some photos. I was trying to get some good shots in different locations but my photography isn't that hot. I think I rely too much on the Auto setting and should spend more time getting to know the other functions it has to offer.

It was a beautiful day but it turned out to be too sunny (I know!). I took several photos but hardly any of them were successful, the sun was so bright it glinted off the glittery paint. I hadn't realised it had done this until I got them home so most of the shots that are useable are of my brown 'wood' doors.

Here are a couple photos of the park:

It was such a beautiful day it makes me feel guilty I don't visit this park more often.

Here is a glinty picture of one of my doors :(

And here is the non glinty version!

With added 50p windmill!

Hope you are enjoying the weather (whatever it brings!)