18 April 2011

Before But No After

You know when you share something and then think I need to finish that because people will wonder how I am getting on well, this is kinda the reason for this post. I am sharing the 'before' of a project which is currently a work in progress and hopefully will one day become an 'after' I was going to keep it to myself and just do a ta da 'before and after' post but I thought by sharing it I might be insentivised (is that a word?) to actually finish it!!

You see the other day we were driving to the supermarket and it was bin day. Now when it is bin day I often have to avert my eyes as I get really stressed at the things people throw out things that are perfectly good but destined to be crushed and buried in the ground because it has served its useful life with that person. Well this day and I spied a wee chair. I thought it looked 'useful' not too big not too small. We could do with and extra chair. One that is not to big and not too small. So later that night (it had actually gone dark!) I asked my hubby to drive back to see if the chair was still there. You see the bin lorry should already have been, but it was still there! It was fate. So I picked it up and brought it home to keep warm :)

Here it is!

And so begins my first upholstery project! I mean, how difficult can it be?


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