14 April 2012

:: Quick Update ::

Just thought I would do a quick Babette update. I have now finished panel nine and working on panel ten.  I love the way the blanket is built up in panels but it does mean that each subsequent panel is significantly larger than the previous one, which can sometimes feel like a mountain to climb for impatient bods like me!  I am always slow at getting the panels started and speedy at the end when I can see the end is in sight.


13 April 2012

:: Hello And Zingy! ::

The other night our current favourite advert came on the TV (is is bad to have a favourite advert?) it is the EDF Feel Good energy advert, it is our favourite because it stars no other than Zingy! He is very cute, very very cute.

So we decided we must have a Zingy of our own, but of course we couldn't as he was created for the advert. A bit of googling found he is a custom made My Keepon but with all due respect to the little yellow guy, he just isn't as cute is he?

So that evening I was chatting a on a social network and mentioned how cute and unavailable Zingy was and the wonderful Charlotte from Studio Delirium offered to write me a crochet pattern, I couldn't say no could I? So within half an hour I had a pattern and started stitching and by the morning we had ourselves a Zingy! Ok so he is the wrong colour (it was all I could lay my hands on late at night!) and his face is a little dodgy but I was so pleased how he turned out. 

There are more adverts coming soon, and I am sure EDF will be producing a Zingy toy soon enough!