25 August 2010


Hubbeh has had to take the good camera to work today, so I am not able to take any more improving product shots. I have, however, taken some photos today with my takes-rubbish-photos-indoors camera because my youngest son is having a birthday party on Saturday and for some mad reason I thought I would make some little fabric party bags instead of buying plastc ones. So I thought I would share some photos. I had to make them today or I would be out of time hence the rubbish shots!

I thought it would be a nice idea to have a bag that could be reused rather than the highly detailed plastic character bags which I always think would be great to reuse (for what though?) but they are always disappointingly thin and don't last. So here is my effort shown in slightly blurred photos - maybe I could call them arty??

I was quite pleased because labour aside between the fabric etc that I already owned and 'Poundland' (yay!) I managed to make and fill 12 fabric party bags for less than £10 AND I have a few sweeties left over for myself - just don't tell anyone :-)


24 August 2010

Trying To Improve

Well thought I would bore you all with my photos again! I have tried to take better ones but I am still not happy, I just wish they were sharper. I have updated the photos for my Cupcake badge on Folksy but might have another go tomorrow. Grrrrr.




20 August 2010

Look What I Did!

Well today I actually managed to get out my things and take some new photos! If there is one thing I hate, and I am sure I have mentioned it before, is taking product shots. I am always disappointed with the results and just end up snapping away and thinking oh well that will just have to do, I know it is not the attitude but i find it difficult to get enthusiastic about it. The main thing I hate is having to get out so many bits, the room ends up in a mess and I always end up kneeling on something painful. I look at other peoples blogs and shops and think how fantastic their photos are but never think mine are up to scratch. Familiarity breeds contempt I suppose. Oh well. Here are some of the photos I took today. They will have to do :-)

I hope to list these soon in my Folksy shop, except the coffee and doughnuts because I love them too much!


18 August 2010

Distraction Techniques

You know when you were sitting exams and you spend more time drawing the the perfect revision timetable and *most important* colour coding it, than you actually spend on the revision part? Well I feel I am doing that.

The boys went back to school this week so I am suffering my alarm clock and the compulsion to get up early *grizzle* I am also trying (again!) to get myself into gear. I have been listing items in my Folksy shop and just yesterday, started tidying out my craft stuff. In fairness it has come to the point that there are piles and piles of useful stuff but no room in which to use it all, so I though a tidy was in order. Then I will make some more stuff. Maybe.


09 August 2010

Peas Please!

I have just finished my latest crochet project - some peas! This is such a cute pattern from the book Amigurumi Two! by Ana Paula Rimoli. I forgot to put something in the photos for scale but each pea is roughly tennis ball size.

I was really pleased how they turned out and my sons enjoy throwing them about, they are after all just three balls but when they are not flying through the air they get to sit in their pod looking cute :-)