31 January 2012

:: New To Me Fun ::

Isn't is great when you get new-to-me stuff? I am a massive fan of Ebay, charity shops, car boot sales, you name it, if it's second hand I'm there! 

This last week I had some time to kill and decided to visit a local charity shop and picked up a fabulous red corduroy coat for £4. Bargain! I didn't like the buttons that were on the coat which was just as well as there were two missing! but never fear, new buttons have been purchased and as soon as I find myself some red thread they will be on the coat. I have taken some 'before' photos of my coat but right now they are trapped inside my camera so I will show the befores just as soon as I have some afters to share.

In other news my brother has passed his old iphone to me! How lucky am I? I was most excited as now I can use instagram which I have been looking longing at for some time. I have actually only taken one photo with it so far and here it is! Hmmmmn tea :) x

25 January 2012

::The Art Of Crochet Third Quarter::

I have recently finished sewing together the third quarter of the Art Of Crochet partwork.  I have surprised my self that I have been able to keep up with all this crochet lark.  Although the crochet itself has got easier it has also become less interesting as a result.  The complete blanket is made up of 120 squares (from 120 issues) and there are many  many repeats of the pattrens, but they are good for practice and to be able to compare squares and see progress. When I started square one I hadn't actually managed to crochet yet and here I am now whizzing up squares and thinking they are boring!

Here are a couple of photos of the new section.  I haven't sewn it together yet as we use the first half of the blanket and I don't want to turn it into an unwieldy 'L' shape. So now we have one big blanket and one small blanket kicking around on the back of the sofa! Next stop one huge blanket wheeeeeeeeeeeee!


02 January 2012

::Welcome 2012::

Welcome to the New Year! Hope it is going well for you so far.

I am trying to take advantage of the quieter times and shorter days, spending time on the computer redoing my banners. I am also looking into building a new website through moonfruit . Currently made by val is hosted by Wix but it is flash based so can sometimes take a while to load and also, can't be viewed on mobile devices that don't support Flash, so I thought perhaps moonfruit might be the way to go they also let you add a shop so that is helpful, but as with these things it takes AGES, I am not know for my patience :)

I have started to make more fairy doors in the hope that I can build up a nice stock for the coming year. Other business plans include taking some new photos and launching some new stock items which I have in the pipeline although these might need to wait until the boys have gone back to school.  Well it is good to have plans, I never like the pressure of resolutions, so plans sound good to me.