28 February 2012

:: Outdoorsy ::

There always come a time in the new year when I remember I have a garden.  I am not a very faithful gardener, I spend a lot of time in the garden and enjoying it in the summer but as winter descends, other than feeding the birds it does get a bit neglected. At this time of year the snowdrops are already out, the daffodils are about to bloom and the crocuses are here already.  Finally seeing some colour in the garden even just a little is a very welcome sight.

My current project to put some more colour into the garden is to make some outdoor bunting!  I will give more details when I have more to show, but here are some photos of the triangles that I cut out this afternoon.

15 February 2012

:: WIP's ::

A while ago I was feeling overwhelmed by my crochet WIP (work in progress)  which is silly really as I only had myself to blame! So I decided to just work through them and not add to them. At all.  Easier said than done.  I soon realised that some of them, in my head, were WIP when in fact they only exisited on a to do list. So I scrapped the list and brought my load down further. I have been very good and managed to finish almost everything off so far. As I sit here I only have my Art of Crochet blanket, which is only ten squares away from being finished, I am currently up to date with all the squares so far, and my Babette blanket.

Due to so many other things needing finished my Babette has been hibernating for the best part of a year, yikes! I have picked it up again and I am pleased to report I can show you another update photo. I am just sewing together section seven and will start crocheting section eight very soon.


Oh and I might have bought a new pattern to crochet a Dragon, but shhh I won't tell anyone if you don't!