25 May 2010

Sneak Preview

Here is a sneak preview of a work in progress. Ideally it should have been a ta da look what I did today but due to a schoolboy error on my part I wasn't able to get any further than this:

I will just have to keep you in suspense he he.


14 May 2010

Busy Doing Nothing

You know when you feel you have never stopped yet there is nothing to show for your efforts? Well that is me just now.

I have had to buy a whole load of supplies to make stock for my forthcoming craft fairs - but none of it has arrived yet and I have been working for what seems like ages on a new banner but nothing I have tried looks any good.

I have had several attempts but nothing is saying YES to me just now. I was getting so frustrated that I have been browsing a few 'custom banner' packages but I am not sure if that is what I need. I love tinkering with stuff I just wish it would work ha ha. The picture in my head is great, fantastic and perfect and the image on my screen is bleaurgh!

Well I wish I had something to show you, I like blog posts with photos so instead of a crafty photo I will add a photo that I was printing up today, it was taken on holiday in Pembrokshire about seven years ago!


11 May 2010

Onwards and Upwards

Well well well look at me - I've booked a craft fair! It is not til October and I haven't had official confirmation so I won't give away any details in case I have to come back and deny everything. I will have to make some stock too. All good news but I keep having "oh no what have I done' moments. It will be nearly a year since I last sold anything face to face, I might be a wee bit scared eek!

I have a couple of ideas to make over my blog, I am not liking my banner anymore (I am SO fickle)and I am currently working on a wee website to tie together my blog and my shops and my contact info etc. so I am going to redesign a couple of things. Actually one of the reasons I am thinking of changing it is because my youngest son was looking over my shoulder, looking at my banner and he said is that you? - yes, how old were you? - five then he said - people will think that everything you are selling is made BY A KID! and then he skipped off like small children do, I am confident that people will appreciate that the photo is old but then I thought maybe they won't and then I thought I am not sure it works anyway as I don't have a particular retro feel to any of my items aargghhh image is SO difficult, so ....watch this space while I redo my bits and bobs AGAIN!


08 May 2010

He's Finished!!

I finally finished my wee bear that I made from a pattern in my new crochet book I am really pleased with him. He turned out better than I expected even though I think his arms and legs are a bit flailing! I didn't have a plastic bear nose to give him so he had to settle for a felt one instead, I also give him a wee belly button. My youngest son has taken him so he can go and live on his bed with the eleventy million small bears that already live there. He doesn't have a name. (the bear, not my son!)


05 May 2010

Just Listed

I have just listed this set of recycled button drawing pins on Folksy.

You can see them HERE

Also pleased that it is a sunny day today and I have my washing hung out hurrahs! I am awaiting a delivery of a garden bench too. We have cleared a bit of the garden and made it into a bit of a sheltered spot and we are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bench to finish it off and allow me to have cups of tea in the garden - one of my most favourite things :-) I keep obsessively checking the parcel tracking and I just know it will arrive whilst I collect the boys from school!

Hope the sun is with you today.


04 May 2010

Oh Noes!

Well I seem to have messed up the look of my Blog - very odd. I was tinkering (as you do) and added on template that didn't work then tried to revert back to what I had and now I seem to be stuck with half the template I want and half the template I don't - argghh! why is this so difficult?

So please excuse my look and hopefully normal service will resume. Soon.

edit: think I have fixed it now *fingers crossed*


New Book

I am on a roll with crochet books just now! I just bought this book:

It has some really cute Amigurumi patterns in it and it uses UK crochet terms which is great for me as I am easily confused! I have started to make a bear from this book only because I don't have much yarn and the one colour that I had (nearly) a whole ball of was a beige/brown which I think suits a bear, of course he is MY bear and I could have made him any colour but I am being traditional today. I hope he turns out ok, this is the very first pattern I have followed aside from the blocks in the Art Of Crochet magazine.