29 January 2010


When I photographed the crayon wallet yesterday I realised I had never photographed my bunting. I spoke about it before but failed to report that I actually finished it, I know! FINISHED it took me by surprise as well!! So here are a couple of photos, it is a bit sad though because I had ironed it and made it nice but I have no use for it :-( so it has sat in a heap and got all crinkled *sigh* but here it is anyway


28 January 2010

Some Sewing!

I am trying to ease myself into my crafty year. Rather than slog away and make things I am fed up making just because I know they sell, I have decided to do some 'me' crafting. For such a long time I seem only to make crafts to sell and not things I really wanted to make.

To this end I am teaching myself crochet. I have wanted to crochet for such a long time and could never get the hang of it, incredibly frustrating, so I have taken my time and gone over and over and over, now I am pleased to say I can do double and treble crochet! Still to 'master' them but I am getting there. No crochet to show on here yet (I am still learning) Hope I don't develop a yarn addiction though! (what are the chances?)

I got out my sewing machine again and made smallest son a crayon wallet:

It holds eight crayons and a notebook.

Smallest sons abstract artwork :-)

One of the things I like best about this is that I have had the fabric for ages (I think before smallest son was even born!!) and we already had the crayons and notebook, so from a few things lying around I have made a useful object. Please excuse the un-ironed fabric in the photos I don't 'do' ironing!


03 January 2010


New year, new me? Hmn not sure. I have lots of things to sort out I think, I need to work out what I am doing in my crafty life. I am at a crossroads just now, not sure whether to plunge head long into my crafty stuff and try and make lots of money (I have tried this before but didn't exactly set the world on fire!) or should I stop my business and sell off all my stuff and go back to crafting as a hobby? I realise no one but me can make this decision. There are a few things going on that will help with my decision and I realise no one but me can decide.

The boys are back to school in a couple of days, when I have some time to myself I will need to sort things out. wish me luck :-)