29 January 2010


When I photographed the crayon wallet yesterday I realised I had never photographed my bunting. I spoke about it before but failed to report that I actually finished it, I know! FINISHED it took me by surprise as well!! So here are a couple of photos, it is a bit sad though because I had ironed it and made it nice but I have no use for it :-( so it has sat in a heap and got all crinkled *sigh* but here it is anyway



  1. What a shame to have no use for such lovely bunting!

    Thank you for submitting your blog to Craft Blog UK I have just added you to the listings - Happy Blogging x :o)

  2. i love your bunting, its so pretty! Ive nominated your blog for the sunshine award, to see it and pass on the award, see my blog:


  3. Thank you so much for the award :-) x