18 March 2010


Well the best laid plans ... I did have a plan, honest, part of that plan was a blog post! I know!

Three weeks ago I woke up unexpectedly in complete agony, I won't bore you with the details but I had muscle and nerve pain in my left shoulder and arm. Long story short I have been in much pain and incapacitated for the best part of three weeks. Still I have pain and numbness but I am working through it and now trying to get on, hence this new post!

As you can imagine I haven't much to show for my the last three weeks, but I have made plans.

I am going to upload more items into my Folksy shop: http://www.folksy.com/shops/madebyval so it is a bit fuller then start promoting that, I need to sort out my made by val landing page, currently it points to my Misi shop but I want to change it so it is a landing page with links to my Folksy shop, Misi shop and Blog.

We are trying to straighten out our garden and build a vegetable plot (potatoes are currently chitting!) so I might add in few gardening posts too.

This year I was determined to learn how to crochet and have actually managed it! Mainly by buying copies of the part work "The Art Of Crochet" I am really enjoying it (currently on issue 11) I have done a few searches and was hoping to find someone Blogging about their Art Of Crochet progress, I have found a few reviews of the first issue but no photos of peoples squares so I thought maybe I would blog a bit about them in case anyone is interested although I might need to crop a couple of them as they are a wee bit wonky in places :blush:

Well that is enough waffle from me, for now.

Stay safe x


  1. hey, coincidence, I am creating a veg plot, have potatoes chitting, have blogged about it, and have taught myself to crochet. also not too keen on housework.
    I shall be nominating you for the sunshine award, later today, please see my blog for details,

  2. sorry to hear you have not been well, I have nominated you for the sunshine award, please see my blog for details,

  3. Joy thank you so much for the award :-)and heres to our potatoes!!! x