04 September 2012

Cushioney Things

For a while now I have been fed up with our sofa cushions, I am tired of looking at them. We bought them years and years ago in Woolworths, that gives you an idea of how old they are and that was before Woolworths had even thought of a closing down sale! I have to say the covers are the same but I have periodically changed the inserts. So the obvious solution would be to crochet some new ones, right? Now I have heard of how crocheting a cushion is a short satisfying project, now while I enjoyed it it did seem to take for-ever.  As I have mentioned I am not the most patient person in the world, but still. The crochet part was straightforward but then the construction part meant a lot of a part project hanging about, totally my doing.

I was inspired by this fabulous cushion from Attic24 I loved the wooly back with the buttons. I decided to make the front using a treble crochet (uk) ripple stripe.

I then used a red cashmere cardigan that had long shrunk too small, to make the back. The cashmere makes a gorgeous soft back, as you can imagine.

I forgot to take a photo of the construction, but I followed the tutorial linked to above. Here is the back with some random buttons that were literally the only buttons I had that were the right size for this project

Here is the finished cushion on my sofa, and I love it! I am already planning my next one.