18 August 2011

New camera

Our new camera arrived yesterday.

It is one of those things that you look forward to, can't wait for, then it arrives and it has so many buttons and functions that you don't quite know where to start! So I have decided to start on full auto mode and work my way up =)

Here are a couple of shots I took in the garden during some (very) short bursts of sun.

Since I took these I have found out there is a sports mode - to improve my bee shots :) and also a flower mode!! Well, you see I am learning and moving on already.


16 August 2011

On The Up

Well I have been busy for the last few weeks with the boys being off for the summer. I know I have said it before but I really like them being off school. I much prefer the relaxed nature of the days and no dreaded alarm clock beep! Sadly tomorrow it all ends :( Yup it is the old back to school day tomorrow. Boo!

However I have been really busy today. A while ago I made a new design fairy door. After making and painting literally hundreds of my current design I felt some change was in order. It has been a real trial and error to get the moulding compound to behave itself. I have suffered so many air bubbles I was becoming quite despondant, but today I actually managed an almost, dare I say it, bubble free mould! Sometimes smaller air bubbles don't show in the casting but I was getting huge ones aargh. Anyway today I was calm and took my time, tried not to panic and yay! it worked. I currently have three new moulds and hopefully some more on the way. I am so pleased I managed to get it right. All the more frustrating of course as I obviously had done it before but couldn't remember how.

I am also on a mission to make a huge batch of doors so I can restock my Folksy and Misi shops. Wow they are looking sparse :( I have a problem I shouldn't complain about but I have been selling my Fairy Doors in wonderful shop called the Gift Gallery, in York (in the Shambles no less!) and they are selling so fast I can hardly keep up. Great for my bank balance but not so great for my online shop stock. So I am trying to make, make, make and get ahead of myself before the Christmas rush. We shall see. (It won't happen ;) )

In other news, we ordered a new camera which should arrive tomorrow. How very exciting. So my plan is to take lots of nice photographs of my new doors. I would also like to re do my banner but that is a long term goal.

So, new school year, new fairy doors, new photos, new.....?