16 August 2011

On The Up

Well I have been busy for the last few weeks with the boys being off for the summer. I know I have said it before but I really like them being off school. I much prefer the relaxed nature of the days and no dreaded alarm clock beep! Sadly tomorrow it all ends :( Yup it is the old back to school day tomorrow. Boo!

However I have been really busy today. A while ago I made a new design fairy door. After making and painting literally hundreds of my current design I felt some change was in order. It has been a real trial and error to get the moulding compound to behave itself. I have suffered so many air bubbles I was becoming quite despondant, but today I actually managed an almost, dare I say it, bubble free mould! Sometimes smaller air bubbles don't show in the casting but I was getting huge ones aargh. Anyway today I was calm and took my time, tried not to panic and yay! it worked. I currently have three new moulds and hopefully some more on the way. I am so pleased I managed to get it right. All the more frustrating of course as I obviously had done it before but couldn't remember how.

I am also on a mission to make a huge batch of doors so I can restock my Folksy and Misi shops. Wow they are looking sparse :( I have a problem I shouldn't complain about but I have been selling my Fairy Doors in wonderful shop called the Gift Gallery, in York (in the Shambles no less!) and they are selling so fast I can hardly keep up. Great for my bank balance but not so great for my online shop stock. So I am trying to make, make, make and get ahead of myself before the Christmas rush. We shall see. (It won't happen ;) )

In other news, we ordered a new camera which should arrive tomorrow. How very exciting. So my plan is to take lots of nice photographs of my new doors. I would also like to re do my banner but that is a long term goal.

So, new school year, new fairy doors, new photos, new.....?


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