23 March 2010


I have updated the banner on this blog and now it is waaay over to one side, what is that all about? I have had to delete my background as it just accentuated the over to the rightness of my banner. I will need to check the banner dimensions in case it is somehow too wide, but currently don't have the time. Meanwhile enjoy my new lopsided look and all the whitey space it currently brings.

In other news the Tesco.com man has just been and I now have some food to eat - yay!


Art Of Crochet Square 2

Here is my second square from the Art Of Crochet magazine

I was quite pleased at how this turned out as it was a completely new stitch and technique for me. It is crocheted in shell stitch and worked up very quickly.


19 March 2010

Art Of Crochet Square One

Well here I am tentatively starting to blog my squares. Bit nervous because I am absolutely brand new to crochet and haven't shown my efforts to anyone as of yet. eek!

More info on the magazine can be found here: www.theartofcrochet.com

This is my square from issue one:

Although it was in issue one I didn't do it first because I found it really difficult! It was crocheted in alternate double and treble crochet stitches which gives a nice bobbled texture. I found it completely impossible to concentrate (no change there then!) and I kept forgetting whether I should be doing a double or treble stitch and I found it impossible to look at the fabric and work out which stitch i had just done! So this took me an age. I am quite pleased how it turned out in the end although I think it is a bit tight and the sides are not as straight as I would have liked but hey, I am just starting out :-) I do love the colour of this redcurrant yarn though.

I would love to hear from anyone else that is crocheting the "Art of Crochet' blanket and if you have any photos or blog entries to share please let me know!


18 March 2010


Well the best laid plans ... I did have a plan, honest, part of that plan was a blog post! I know!

Three weeks ago I woke up unexpectedly in complete agony, I won't bore you with the details but I had muscle and nerve pain in my left shoulder and arm. Long story short I have been in much pain and incapacitated for the best part of three weeks. Still I have pain and numbness but I am working through it and now trying to get on, hence this new post!

As you can imagine I haven't much to show for my the last three weeks, but I have made plans.

I am going to upload more items into my Folksy shop: http://www.folksy.com/shops/madebyval so it is a bit fuller then start promoting that, I need to sort out my made by val landing page, currently it points to my Misi shop but I want to change it so it is a landing page with links to my Folksy shop, Misi shop and Blog.

We are trying to straighten out our garden and build a vegetable plot (potatoes are currently chitting!) so I might add in few gardening posts too.

This year I was determined to learn how to crochet and have actually managed it! Mainly by buying copies of the part work "The Art Of Crochet" I am really enjoying it (currently on issue 11) I have done a few searches and was hoping to find someone Blogging about their Art Of Crochet progress, I have found a few reviews of the first issue but no photos of peoples squares so I thought maybe I would blog a bit about them in case anyone is interested although I might need to crop a couple of them as they are a wee bit wonky in places :blush:

Well that is enough waffle from me, for now.

Stay safe x