18 August 2009

Pony Tails

Well, my labels turned out Okish but I haven't used them yet and have no photos so you will have to wait! (bet you can't stand the suspense!)

I have managed to cut out all my triangles for my bunting so that is a step forward except that I was aiming for the bunting to hang on my stall, but didn't do anything clever like working out how long that would be or indeed how many triangles I would require so I currently seem to be making bunting that is three miles long, oh wells. saga continues....

Today I manged to get all my receipts up to date which is a boring thing to share but I am so pleased I managed to actually do it rather than have the pile of receipts hanging over my head all the time.

Over the last couple of days I have been making some pony tail holders, I am quite pleased at how they have turned out, they are a great way to use up little fabric scraps.


14 August 2009

New Photos

Well since I last blogged I am no nearer finishing my bunting or my crochet but I have started something else! (well when you have two unfinished projects you might as well have three, right?) I am attempting to make some fabric labels with my logo on them, no idea if they will turn out or not but thought I would try anyway. I will keep you posted.

I have some new product shots to share with you too, I have been working on these today.

Hope you like them. All available in my Misi Shop! (except the cards :-)) )


10 August 2009

So Long!

Gah! it has been so long since I blogged. I have been doing lots of bits but nothing major.

I am in the middle of two projects one has been going on for ages which is trying to teach myself to crochet, I have mastered the slip knot and single crochet but can't get the hang of double crochet. I was using a book and the steps aren't very clear so I am getting a bit confused (nothing new there!) I have borrowed two 'How To Crochet' books from the library in the hope that they will have better instructions than my book, but haven't yet had the time to look at them, I have already had them for two weeks!!

My second project is some fabric bunting. Not sure why but I have wanted to make some for absolute ages, not sure what I am going to do with it if it ever gets finished as I am making it pink and girly so can't use it in the boys room. I might just use it to decorate my craft stall at fairs. I have just been staying at my mums for the weekend, she is a quilter so everytime I go I sneek away some of her fabric stash! I have my bunting triangles marked out but that is all.

I only have one more week until the boys are back at school so I am trying to make the most of having no schedule.

Have just listed these button push pins on Misi if you want a looky!

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