30 July 2011


It is sunny again today, yippee! It means I can keep up with my washing which, though sadly domestic, is something that keeps me happy!

I also realised that a lot of the flowers that have been blooming in my garden have sadly bloomed their last, so I thought I would take some photos of some of the flowers that remain.

The majority of the flowers have been grown from seed by Master M. and Master A. It seems like such a long time since we bought the seeds, dug the compost out the compost bin, and planted, and watered, and waited, and watered and waited...and then we had little seedlings which we planted out and how they grew! The boys have been so pleased with the results :)

These were all grown from seeds except the Fuschia which is a really old bush that has lived in this garden forever.

Oh and I have to mention out teeny apples growing on our (very modest) apple tree. It won't be long before they are full size apples - can't wait!


28 July 2011

The Art Of Crochet So Far ..

Wow I knew I hadn't blogged for ages but hadn't realised it had been this long!

Just thought I would share with you some photos of my blanket so far that I have been making with 'The Art Of Crochet' partworks magazine. If you are not aware of the magazine, every week you get a ball of yarn and instructions to crochet a square, eventually each square is sewn together into a large vintage style blanket. There are also loads of other patterns in the magazine as well.

I have really been enjoying the magazine because not only did it teach me to crochet in the first place, it has taught me stitches and techniques that I would probably never have attempted ( and a couple I never want to attempt again!!) because I am determined to get my blanket finished.

This is only the second time that the magazine has published the making up instructions, it does get a bit frustrationing waiting on the instructions when I have had a huge pile of squares waiting patiently, but now I have a whole half blanket!

I am pleased with my progress so far :)

I will try and not leave it so long until I blog again!!