22 July 2010

Trying, I Am!

Well I am still here plodding along. We have had really terrible rain for days and days and days, when the weather is miserable I really can't get worked up about anything which is a pity as there is loads I could do. I think my shops, in particular my Folksy shop is looking a little sparse. so I need to get on with taking some photos and putting up more stock. I need some daylight for that ideally.

I have managed to list some things on Ebay so I have achieved something but doesn't feel like much. Bet it will be raining when I have to visit the Post Office with my Ebay parcels though!


17 July 2010

Easing Back

Well I am slowly trying to ease myself back into some sort of routine, a bit difficult when the boys are off school but I can try.

I have a few ideas for some new products but they are more craft fair items than online items so I may hold off on them just now. I have ton of stuff to put up on Ebay and I am also thinking of opening a craft destash shop as the amount of craft stuff I have that just sits around is getting out if hand.

I also have some exterior house painting to do but the rain doesn't seem to stay away for long enough to get that done either!

Well that is my plans, hope everyone has a nice weekend :-)


04 July 2010

Holiday Blog

I am currently having a wonderful holiday with my family in Cornwall.

We have had lots of gorgeous weather I think we have been really lucky.

The internet connection I am using is very intermittent so I need to keep this brief.

Hope everyone is having fun where ever you are.