18 November 2011


I love cheese, so imagine my excitement when I was buying some mini babybels for my son and it came with a mini 'meltpot'




Basically you place a babybel in the little tray, zap it in the microwave for 20 seconds and then you have a little melty pot of cheese! Sadly though, I was a little disappointed, although the resultant melted cheese tasted great, it was less fondue and more hot chewy cheese, it cooled too quickly and I ended up eating it more or less in one go, which wasn't good as I wouldn't eat a whole babybel in one go. I also thought the cheese was quite hot so not sure I will let my son near it!

So there you go I thought it was a great idea but sadly it doesn't seem to work in practice.

Now to think up a good use for he little pot!


15 November 2011


I have been wanting to make a pin cushion for ages so I finally got around to making this wee guy:

 He was supposed to be stuffed with only polyfill but as he was to be a pin cushion I put a cardboard circle in first to give him a flat base to sit on and I filled him half full with poly beads to weigh him down, finally finishing with polyfill. I think he turned out quite good!


07 November 2011

Today I .....

Moulded ....

dried ....
 and painted ....

These are all different doors, unfortunately I am unable to mould, dry and paint a door all in the same day, just like the expensive phone advertisments, some sequences have been shortened.

The painted doors only have their first coat applied, kinda look like they are made of toffee nom nom.