18 November 2011


I love cheese, so imagine my excitement when I was buying some mini babybels for my son and it came with a mini 'meltpot'




Basically you place a babybel in the little tray, zap it in the microwave for 20 seconds and then you have a little melty pot of cheese! Sadly though, I was a little disappointed, although the resultant melted cheese tasted great, it was less fondue and more hot chewy cheese, it cooled too quickly and I ended up eating it more or less in one go, which wasn't good as I wouldn't eat a whole babybel in one go. I also thought the cheese was quite hot so not sure I will let my son near it!

So there you go I thought it was a great idea but sadly it doesn't seem to work in practice.

Now to think up a good use for he little pot!


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