23 September 2010

Busy Busy Again

I feel like I have been busy, although I have had my eldest off school for a couple of days so not sure how busy I have been or if it is just actually shortness of time? Anyway he is much better and off to school again so yay!

What have I been up to? well, I have sold a few things from both my Misi and my Folksy shops which is great also had a couple of custom orders, been asked to sell my goods in a proper bricks and mortar shop (more on that another day) and been offered two weeks work, an actual proper job, being a Stage Manager which is the job I did before kids and have done on and off ever since! So things are looking up. :)

I have also been busy making some recycled crisp packet pouches. I made a batch of them ages ago and took them to a craft fair where they sold really well and I have finally got round to making some more to list on Folksy.

Here a few photos, yay! I also took some photos, maybe I have been busy after all!


17 September 2010

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was son-in-the-middles' 11th Birthday, I know I say it everytime but where does the time go? Can't believe it, he get so old I stay so young ha ha. I made him a kitkat cake. It was very easy to make SO much easier than trying to properly ice a cake but very effective.

Today as part of the 'September Stars' on Folksy I listed one of my crisp packet pouches!

Did a little gardening yesterday, ages ago we bought some lavender plants to replace our lavender that got killed off in the freezing winter last year. The plants had been sitting in little pots for ages so thought we had better plant them out before they died off!! It is our plan to try and trim it into a wee lavender hedge so we will see how that goes, although I think we will need to buy a few more plants or we will end up with a holey hedge.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a nice weekend :)


06 September 2010

Crochet Mittens and September Stars!

Last week Lidl were selling yarn so I decided to buy some sock yarn as I have never used it before and at £2.99 for 200g I couldn't really go wrong, could I? For ages I have been meaning to make myself some mittens, I have poor circulation in my hands and have been told that mittens are better than gloves for warmth, even with the thickest gloves on my hands are usually ice cold all winter :-( I found a mittens pattern that uses sock yarn so here is my work so far:

I have adjusted the pattern slightly, making the cuff longer for example and now just need to do the thumb and I will have one finished! I do worry that I won't get round to making the other one and might have to spend the whole winter with one mittened hand and one hand in my pocket.

I am still participating in September Stars on Folksy the other day I listed a fairy doormat!

a perfect accessories for my fairy doors ;-)

Here are a few other September Stars :)

An iPad case from pipdesigns

Bracelet from Jesselu

Cute envelopes from Swirlyarts


01 September 2010

September Stars

Where has the year gone? Can't believe it is September already, but at least the sun is still shining :-)

I have joined 'September Stars' on Folksy. It is a group where each member lists a new item a day, every day, for the entire month and then blogs/Tweets/Facebook about it. Hope it means a few wee sales and, if nothing else, will mean my shop will be stocked up in time for Christmas.

Today I have listed a set of recycled button push pins

Here are some fab items from other sellers

A Lavender Owl from Wooly Lakes

Cuddle Me baby Rabbit from Molly Moo and Jessica Too

Fab Blackboard Ring From Twinklyspangle

Needle Book from Pants and Paper

Click on the photos to vist the sellers shops (at least I hope that is what will happen!!)