06 September 2010

Crochet Mittens and September Stars!

Last week Lidl were selling yarn so I decided to buy some sock yarn as I have never used it before and at £2.99 for 200g I couldn't really go wrong, could I? For ages I have been meaning to make myself some mittens, I have poor circulation in my hands and have been told that mittens are better than gloves for warmth, even with the thickest gloves on my hands are usually ice cold all winter :-( I found a mittens pattern that uses sock yarn so here is my work so far:

I have adjusted the pattern slightly, making the cuff longer for example and now just need to do the thumb and I will have one finished! I do worry that I won't get round to making the other one and might have to spend the whole winter with one mittened hand and one hand in my pocket.

I am still participating in September Stars on Folksy the other day I listed a fairy doormat!

a perfect accessories for my fairy doors ;-)

Here are a few other September Stars :)

An iPad case from pipdesigns

Bracelet from Jesselu

Cute envelopes from Swirlyarts



  1. Thanks for showing my bracelet :) I love those envelopes too! Gorgeous :)

  2. Thank you for featuring my ipad case. I'm trying to add one a day to folksy to keep up with the September Stars - fortunately I do have 30 different fabrics (and then some!) !

  3. You are both very welcome!

    pipdesigns - I look forward to seeing each and every one of them! Just wish I had an iPad now :)

  4. I saw those pretty envelopes earlier, love them! Love your other pics too, so many beautiful items on folksy :)

  5. Oh thank you for featuring my envelopes and thanks for the lovely comments :)

  6. All lovely, colourful choices. We all need a bit of colour in our lives.

    Natalie x