28 May 2009

Heart To Heart

I made these tonight they are something that I have been meaning to make for ages. Last year I gathered the lavender from our plants and dried it but didn't do anything with it. So most of it has been sitting in a freezer bag awaiting attention so finally I have made these little hearts and they look so much better than a grotty old freezer bag! I made one for myself and one for my mum :-)


27 May 2009

Big and Small

I made some cards today using some big and small Russian doll images. They are quite popular at the moment so I thought I would give them a go.

As usual I am not too sure about them, I am more a minimalist card maker and I don't usually use this much colour but I will see if they grow on me.

I am still not sure if they should have a greeting on them or not. Some people will buy a card without a greeting as it is versatile to have at the ready but many won't buy them in case their friend etc. thinks they have forgotten their birthday and just sent them a card they had in! You can't win. Maybe I will put greetings on some of them and leave the others blank :-)


25 May 2009


I am being so rubbish at this Blogging lark!

I am hoping to pick myself up with my craft stuff this week. The boys have had so many days off school for holidays (May is just peppered with them!) I haven't felt I have done very much or indeed had the time to do very much this month, but actually it is all really just an excuse isn't it?

I now have all my receipts sorted, so I can do my tax return, it would be good to get that out of the way, I have a plan to reduce the amount of stuff I take to craft fairs too. I don't drive so rely on walking and lifts to get me places, so I thought perhaps if I was able to reduce the stuff I take to fit into a suitcase rather than the boxes on trolley arrangement I have now that I might be able to take the odd bus or train, we have quite a good local train network, I really should use it more.

I have been in contact with a Craft Fair organiser so I need to sort out some dates and get back on that track again.

Oh and I need to make more stock. The boys are back to school tomorrow so I will make another list and erm, ignore it :-D


05 May 2009

Need Motovation

I really need to "get on" I have done very little crafting this year, the main reason is probably the lack of fairs, usually I do a couple a month but this year I haven't booked so many, in fact I have only done one fair this year although I do sell in a couple of shops and online places.

I have booked a fair for 6th June so I need to sort out my stock and compile (another!!) to do list. I am turning making lists into an art form.

I also need to round up all my receipts and submit my tax return. A direct result of doing so little fairs means I have made little money this tax year (at least between Jan -April) so I don't want to do my tax return as it will be so weedy although it might give me an incentive to get out and make more dough!

I also want to photograph some of my cards. I find this an almost impossible task, making white cards look white and not yellow or blue. This would enable me to add some to my Misi shop too.

Well I have now sorted out what I need to do, the boys go back to school tomorrow so I will start on my crafting chores then. I will let you know how I get on or not as the case may be :-)