29 March 2011


Every time I start to write a blog post I never know what to call it. Sometimes I think I should just number my posts, other times I think I will just call them George.

In an attempt to fill out my shop I have added a new pink fairy doormat listing to my Folksy shop the perfect accessory for your pink fairy door!

I met with a crafty friend of mine the other day. They lovely Suzanne of Fieldy Tweed fame. We were both discussing the difficulties of staying motivated when you work from home and trying to stay inspired in order to pursue our chosen handmade career paths, when the urge to wrap up in a blanket, drink coffee and watch Homes Under The Hammer is very strong. It is something I have struggled with for a long time, motivation.

To this end we have set ourselves a goal - to sell X number of items and to write X blog posts and to meet up once a month to make sure it happens! As the sun is gracing us with its presence occasionally now, we are going to meet up in a local park armed with products and cameras to take some product shots, just trying to think outside the box a bit. Having product shots is something that really holds me back more than it should, so hopefully this will help.

I will let you know how we get on!

Take care.


16 March 2011

Babette Update

I thought it was time for a babette update. Sadly I am about as rubbish as getting on with the babette as I am at remembering to blog, so a bit of an advancement but not much.

I haven't actually been able to do any work on this blanket for a few weeks due to life stuff. I find it takes a lot of concentration, working out the size of square, the colourways and the tedious (for me) colour changes! So I am hoping this little update will spur me along a bit :)

A gratuitous yarn photo

In other news, yesterday I made another batch of fairy doors. Here are some of them drying out

Not as colourful as the last three pictures!

Finished Fairy doors always available in my Folksy shop here (well, you can't blame a girl for a little self promotion ;) )

Take care