16 March 2011

Babette Update

I thought it was time for a babette update. Sadly I am about as rubbish as getting on with the babette as I am at remembering to blog, so a bit of an advancement but not much.

I haven't actually been able to do any work on this blanket for a few weeks due to life stuff. I find it takes a lot of concentration, working out the size of square, the colourways and the tedious (for me) colour changes! So I am hoping this little update will spur me along a bit :)

A gratuitous yarn photo

In other news, yesterday I made another batch of fairy doors. Here are some of them drying out

Not as colourful as the last three pictures!

Finished Fairy doors always available in my Folksy shop here (well, you can't blame a girl for a little self promotion ;) )

Take care