19 January 2011

So far, So Good

Thought I would pop in and update you on my Babette progress! I have been trying hard to finish my pile of WIP that I seem to have accumulated. I thought I actually had a huge pile of crochet projects to finish off but it turned out that some of them were just 'to dos' written on a list so I was able to ignore them for the time being. :)

So far I have made just two squares. They are turning out ok. I have changed the way I join in the yarn however. The instructions call for you to join the yarn on the side of the squares this however seems to leave an unsightly gappy bit all the way through, maybe better crocheters won't have this or maybe if I was using a more fuzzy yarn it wouldn't be so obvious but I think I have to change the way I make the squares. I made the big square as per instructions and made the smaller square by joining the yarn at the corners instead (and using a 'magic circle' to start to eliminate the centre hole) I am much happier with the result so will continue to do this. I might redo the larger square at some point but I will see. It probably looks worse to me than anyone else!

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  1. Hello there! Just found your blog and am loving it!! Keep inspiring!