10 January 2011


Well I didn't expect to be missing from blogland for so long. Sorry about that. My absence has been mainly due to working in my 'proper' job (Stage Management) Christmas - yay! illness - boo! and a complete lack of anything to blog about!!

I want to look forward now, not backward.

I got some money for Christmas, so decided to splurge on some yarn! Buying loads of yarn is something I have resisted because I hate the way it takes over my life! We have no storage so I end up putting piles of yarn and magazines and books and all other crochet related paraphernalia in different piles in different rooms so it looks less. Part of the problem is I have dabbled in so many crafts in my life I have loads of piles of unused things that I really need to rationalise, but hey, that is another day.

Here is my pile of new yarn,

it is just acrylic as I don't have that much money. I am going to make a babette blanket with it. I have wanted to make this blanket for ages and if all goes well and in the future I have more cash i will make a 'proper' blanket in lovely real wool, at the moment I am making a washable everyday version. :)

Hopefully I will be able to keep you updated on my progress.

Take care x

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