20 October 2010

Back In Action

Had a bit of a crazy two weeks. As I previously mentioned I have been working a proper job, the hours were ridiculous, but thank fully the money is worth it! So I have not been blogging or taking part in forums or doing any made by val stuff, feels odd. I did however, still make sales whilst I worked despite no promotion, so that was good.

Anyway just thought I would pop in and say hi, I have spent most of today sorting out my receipt pile and this afternoon I really need to look at my Open University stuff that has arrived - course starts on Novembert 1st eep!



  1. which OU course are you doing? good luck with it, I did one earlier this year, 10 weeks, really enjoyed it.
    joy xx

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  3. Thanks! I am doing 'Starting Psychology' it is a 20 week course, looking forward to it :) Which one did you do Joy?