23 September 2010

Busy Busy Again

I feel like I have been busy, although I have had my eldest off school for a couple of days so not sure how busy I have been or if it is just actually shortness of time? Anyway he is much better and off to school again so yay!

What have I been up to? well, I have sold a few things from both my Misi and my Folksy shops which is great also had a couple of custom orders, been asked to sell my goods in a proper bricks and mortar shop (more on that another day) and been offered two weeks work, an actual proper job, being a Stage Manager which is the job I did before kids and have done on and off ever since! So things are looking up. :)

I have also been busy making some recycled crisp packet pouches. I made a batch of them ages ago and took them to a craft fair where they sold really well and I have finally got round to making some more to list on Folksy.

Here a few photos, yay! I also took some photos, maybe I have been busy after all!



  1. I am impressed!! You have been busy. Wish i could extend my craft skills beyond card making, but i dont have the time to practise or learn. :(

  2. Love the crisp packet pouches - great idea!