17 September 2010

Birthday Boy

Yesterday was son-in-the-middles' 11th Birthday, I know I say it everytime but where does the time go? Can't believe it, he get so old I stay so young ha ha. I made him a kitkat cake. It was very easy to make SO much easier than trying to properly ice a cake but very effective.

Today as part of the 'September Stars' on Folksy I listed one of my crisp packet pouches!

Did a little gardening yesterday, ages ago we bought some lavender plants to replace our lavender that got killed off in the freezing winter last year. The plants had been sitting in little pots for ages so thought we had better plant them out before they died off!! It is our plan to try and trim it into a wee lavender hedge so we will see how that goes, although I think we will need to buy a few more plants or we will end up with a holey hedge.

Happy Friday! Hope you have a nice weekend :)



  1. That cake looks delicious. How about a piece in the post ;)

  2. I need that cake! That reminds me... there dairy milk in the fridge :)

  3. Of course @catface! I only have tissue paper to wrap with - hope that is ok!!!

    @dawn enjoy your dairy milk!!