25 May 2009


I am being so rubbish at this Blogging lark!

I am hoping to pick myself up with my craft stuff this week. The boys have had so many days off school for holidays (May is just peppered with them!) I haven't felt I have done very much or indeed had the time to do very much this month, but actually it is all really just an excuse isn't it?

I now have all my receipts sorted, so I can do my tax return, it would be good to get that out of the way, I have a plan to reduce the amount of stuff I take to craft fairs too. I don't drive so rely on walking and lifts to get me places, so I thought perhaps if I was able to reduce the stuff I take to fit into a suitcase rather than the boxes on trolley arrangement I have now that I might be able to take the odd bus or train, we have quite a good local train network, I really should use it more.

I have been in contact with a Craft Fair organiser so I need to sort out some dates and get back on that track again.

Oh and I need to make more stock. The boys are back to school tomorrow so I will make another list and erm, ignore it :-D


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