19 March 2010

Art Of Crochet Square One

Well here I am tentatively starting to blog my squares. Bit nervous because I am absolutely brand new to crochet and haven't shown my efforts to anyone as of yet. eek!

More info on the magazine can be found here: www.theartofcrochet.com

This is my square from issue one:

Although it was in issue one I didn't do it first because I found it really difficult! It was crocheted in alternate double and treble crochet stitches which gives a nice bobbled texture. I found it completely impossible to concentrate (no change there then!) and I kept forgetting whether I should be doing a double or treble stitch and I found it impossible to look at the fabric and work out which stitch i had just done! So this took me an age. I am quite pleased how it turned out in the end although I think it is a bit tight and the sides are not as straight as I would have liked but hey, I am just starting out :-) I do love the colour of this redcurrant yarn though.

I would love to hear from anyone else that is crocheting the "Art of Crochet' blanket and if you have any photos or blog entries to share please let me know!


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