03 January 2010


New year, new me? Hmn not sure. I have lots of things to sort out I think, I need to work out what I am doing in my crafty life. I am at a crossroads just now, not sure whether to plunge head long into my crafty stuff and try and make lots of money (I have tried this before but didn't exactly set the world on fire!) or should I stop my business and sell off all my stuff and go back to crafting as a hobby? I realise no one but me can make this decision. There are a few things going on that will help with my decision and I realise no one but me can decide.

The boys are back to school in a couple of days, when I have some time to myself I will need to sort things out. wish me luck :-)



  1. I can sympathise with your plight! I dabble but not enough to make a living (and I wonder if that's even possible!)

    Does the business take away the pleasure or is it an added bonus? As you say, ony you can make the choice; good luck with whatever you decide :-)

  2. Hi Val. Love your creations. Come and join us at www.flickr.com/groups/handmadeinscotland You'd be more than welcome. Great way to show off your work. You can put links to your online shops, blog and website in your profile and it's free! (No I don't work for Flickr lol, I just like to promote Handmade in Scotland).