14 May 2010

Busy Doing Nothing

You know when you feel you have never stopped yet there is nothing to show for your efforts? Well that is me just now.

I have had to buy a whole load of supplies to make stock for my forthcoming craft fairs - but none of it has arrived yet and I have been working for what seems like ages on a new banner but nothing I have tried looks any good.

I have had several attempts but nothing is saying YES to me just now. I was getting so frustrated that I have been browsing a few 'custom banner' packages but I am not sure if that is what I need. I love tinkering with stuff I just wish it would work ha ha. The picture in my head is great, fantastic and perfect and the image on my screen is bleaurgh!

Well I wish I had something to show you, I like blog posts with photos so instead of a crafty photo I will add a photo that I was printing up today, it was taken on holiday in Pembrokshire about seven years ago!


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