31 January 2012

:: New To Me Fun ::

Isn't is great when you get new-to-me stuff? I am a massive fan of Ebay, charity shops, car boot sales, you name it, if it's second hand I'm there! 

This last week I had some time to kill and decided to visit a local charity shop and picked up a fabulous red corduroy coat for £4. Bargain! I didn't like the buttons that were on the coat which was just as well as there were two missing! but never fear, new buttons have been purchased and as soon as I find myself some red thread they will be on the coat. I have taken some 'before' photos of my coat but right now they are trapped inside my camera so I will show the befores just as soon as I have some afters to share.

In other news my brother has passed his old iphone to me! How lucky am I? I was most excited as now I can use instagram which I have been looking longing at for some time. I have actually only taken one photo with it so far and here it is! Hmmmmn tea :) x

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  1. Ohh I love a wander around a charity shop...and good 'ole eBay too with a cuppa...