18 August 2010

Distraction Techniques

You know when you were sitting exams and you spend more time drawing the the perfect revision timetable and *most important* colour coding it, than you actually spend on the revision part? Well I feel I am doing that.

The boys went back to school this week so I am suffering my alarm clock and the compulsion to get up early *grizzle* I am also trying (again!) to get myself into gear. I have been listing items in my Folksy shop and just yesterday, started tidying out my craft stuff. In fairness it has come to the point that there are piles and piles of useful stuff but no room in which to use it all, so I though a tidy was in order. Then I will make some more stuff. Maybe.



  1. Oh I so sympathise. I have a little corner of teh living room for all my craft stuff and it just isn't enough. My husband is away next week so maybe I can get better organised without his 'constructive' criticism :o)

  2. I know exactly how you feel lol! I really need to get organised! Jo x