25 August 2010


Hubbeh has had to take the good camera to work today, so I am not able to take any more improving product shots. I have, however, taken some photos today with my takes-rubbish-photos-indoors camera because my youngest son is having a birthday party on Saturday and for some mad reason I thought I would make some little fabric party bags instead of buying plastc ones. So I thought I would share some photos. I had to make them today or I would be out of time hence the rubbish shots!

I thought it would be a nice idea to have a bag that could be reused rather than the highly detailed plastic character bags which I always think would be great to reuse (for what though?) but they are always disappointingly thin and don't last. So here is my effort shown in slightly blurred photos - maybe I could call them arty??

I was quite pleased because labour aside between the fabric etc that I already owned and 'Poundland' (yay!) I managed to make and fill 12 fabric party bags for less than £10 AND I have a few sweeties left over for myself - just don't tell anyone :-)


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  1. What a lovely idea, and so much better than the plastic ones.