05 May 2011

New Photos!

Today it is raining much rain, but that is ok because the garden needs some rain some of my plants were starting to wilt!

The other day I took my fairy doors on a wee trip to my local park and took some photos. I was trying to get some good shots in different locations but my photography isn't that hot. I think I rely too much on the Auto setting and should spend more time getting to know the other functions it has to offer.

It was a beautiful day but it turned out to be too sunny (I know!). I took several photos but hardly any of them were successful, the sun was so bright it glinted off the glittery paint. I hadn't realised it had done this until I got them home so most of the shots that are useable are of my brown 'wood' doors.

Here are a couple photos of the park:

It was such a beautiful day it makes me feel guilty I don't visit this park more often.

Here is a glinty picture of one of my doors :(

And here is the non glinty version!

With added 50p windmill!

Hope you are enjoying the weather (whatever it brings!)


1 comment:

  1. It's not often we get to say it is too sunny in Scotland! Had a lovely day - my photo's didn't come out too well either!! Maybe next time....