19 April 2010

Domestic issues

It is difficult when you work from home and have children to have any time off, isn't it? The boys have been off school and DH has been off work for the last two weeks. I love the boys being off school but it is difficult to have down time, I mean all the domestic stuff still needs done, the cooking , the cleaning, the tidying, I try and get them to help but so often it is easier just to do it myself. I have tried really hard to take a step back these holidays and as a direct result I have just spent actual HOURS tidying, hoovering and dusting two weeks of grime! but hey if it had been one week it would have taken me just as long.

Well the holidays are over, the weather is picking up, I have 'a list' I have 'plans' onwards and upwards off I go to conquer the world!!!......hang on, I'll just have a biscuit first...oh and maybe some tea...


1 comment:

  1. Totally with you on this one. It's constant isn't it. I'm sitting here with aching legs....aching! from all the tidying and general running around that I have done this week....and it's only Wednesday! One day I would like my house to stay tidy for more than an hour....is that possible with children and a husband and craft stuff everywhere? lol