28 April 2010

Busy Busy

Today is Wednesday but it feels like it has should be Friday. Why? I have been busy! Yes me. Not only the usual cooking and cleaning that is just perpetual in my life. I have spent a fair bit of time sorting out made by val things.

I have had a few sales recently through my online shops which has been great and given me a bit of a boost and recharged my get up and go. I hadn't sold anything for a wee while and when I checked my emails and saw the first sale I actually got a bit of a fright!

So I have sorted out all my receipts just need to square up my bank accounts and then I can do my tax return ::joy::

I have sorted out all the financial bits and bobs from the shop I sell to.

I am trying to spread out all the stock I had made for craft fairs between my various outlets although something makes me nervous about not having a craft fair stock sitting here even although I have no current intentions to do any more fairs so that is all a bit daft. I do however still have a large stock of cards that I need to sell, so I might have to concentrate on photographing and listing them.

I have also been introduced to Stumbleupon through the Folksy Forums. I have signed up, you can find me here Stumble Folksy and here Stumble Misi I appreciate all 'likes' hint hint.

Phew what else? Oh yes I bought myself a book and it arrived today - yay!

I haven't had a chance to look at it yet but I am excited hee hee.

Off to busy myself again.

Take care x

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