29 April 2009

More Recycling

Thought I would have a go at another crafty recycling project. This time using Capri Sun juice pouches!

It was a much faster project than the sweetie wrapper bracelet. This one is a prototype because, as can be seen in the photograph, I managed to cut through the front of this pouch before it even got near the sewing machine. doh!

My five year old stole this one immediately after I had made it to keep 'stuff' in. I had to steal it back to take the photos!

It is the perfect size for bank cards and loose change and, it turns out, small items needed only by a small child :-)

I am thinking of booking a craft fair for June so I think I will make a few more to sell there, might even add one to my Misi shop I think they are quite quirky.

Would like to say thank you to my followers and commenter's (is that even a word?) it is lovely to hear from you :-)


1 comment:

  1. I haven't seen a pack of Capri Sun since my kids went to kidergarden. :) You brought back some sweet memories.